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Ever wonder what happens to leftover paint from businesses and residents? Global Paint for Charity collects,repackages and distributes it around the world. Founder,Rony Delgarde is in studio this Sunday,9-10a on WGST 640AM/iHeart Radio talking about how the recycle this paint,protect the environment and send hope one gallon at a time around the world.Listen to all podcasts and follow me on Twitter @greenguyatl

Water Aficionado,Steve Williams is in studio this week talking Rainwater Harvesting and all it's benefits.We will discuss how this solution can help extend our water supply and how his proposal for municipalities in the Southeast to decentralize can manage their rainwater and stormwater more efficiently by adopting his Rainwater Self Funding Utility Plan.

John Noel is a energy efficiency expert and he's running for a seat on Georgia Public Commission to help Georgians maintain affordable rates on water,telecom and energy.Tune in Sunday 9-10am EST on WGST 640AM/iHeart Radio to hear his policies and plans to bring more renewable energy to Georgia.Listen to all podcasts @greenguymedia.comand follow me on Twitter @greenguyatl

Eco Athlete former Atlanta Falcon,Ovie Mughelli and Steve Valk,Citizens Climate Lobby are in the studio this week. Ovie Mughelli comes in to share his work inspiring kids to go green through his Foundation and talks about his latest project,a Eco Super Hero comic book character that will promote sustainability and educate kids around the world. Next,Steve Valk,Citizens Climate Lobby talks about their rally this week on the steps of  Congress in Washington,DC for the proposed revenue neutral carbon

Steven Satterfield,Celebrity Chef,author,food waste expert and co-star of the ScrapsTV show on FYI Network is in the studio this week. Steven talks about his farm to table restaurant Miller Union,Georgia Grown local sustainable food sources,the state of urban agriculture in the U.S.and his cookbook Root to Leaf that will make you rethink how you can use every part of the vegetables you cook. Listen to all podcasts follow me on Twitter @greenguyatl

Ivy League Cornell University is ranked #7 on The Princeton Review 2017 Guide to 375 Green Colleges and has teamed up with the Talk with Green Guy Show to spotlight the colleges on this list and share their commitments to sustainability.Cornell University kicks off the College Sustainability Summit Series this Sunday on WGST 640AM/iHeart Radio 9-10am EST. Listen to all podcasts follow me on Twitter @greenguyatl and download the

New York City is next up in the Mayors' Climate Summit Series this Sunday 9-10a EST on WGST 640AM/iHeart Radio. Dan Zarrilli,Chief Resilience Officer and Senior Director of Climate Policy and Programs represents Mayor Bill de Blasio in the Series and talks about the 5 years after Hurricane Sandy and the sustainable programs they've implemented for 8.5 million people in NYC. Listen to all podcasts follow me on Twitter @greenguyatl

Carl Pope,former Chairman of the Sierra Club and co-author with Mayor Michael Bloomberg of the New York Times bestseller Climate of Hope is our special guest on the Talk with Green Guy Show this Sunday 9-10a EST on WGST 640AM/iHeart Radio. Carl Pope talks about his work as a environmentalist since 1968 and the book that says Cities,businesses and individual action is the key to reducing our carbon footprint.Listen to all

Philadelphia,PA is next up in the Mayors' Climate Summit Series.Sustainability Director,Christine Knapp is on WGST 640AM/iHeart Radio this Sunday 9-10a EST talking about GreenWorks Philadelphia which is a program that includes using renewable energy,climate action and a food advisory council to provide access to sustainable food for all Philly residents.Listen to all podcasts on,follow me on Twitter @greenguyatl and download the free Green Guy app on Google Play and

Listen to Katharine Wilkinson,Senior Writer,Drawdown and special guest,John Lanier,Executive Director,Ray C.Anderson Foundation and Board Member of Drawdown in studio talking about these solutions.Tune in WGST 640AM/iHeart Radio Sunday 9-10a EST. Listen to all podcasts,follow me on Twitter @greenguyatl and download the Green Guy app free on Google Play and App Store