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Don't miss Mayor Ted Terry of Clarkston, GA in the Mayors Climate Summit Series this Sunday 9-10a EST on WGST 640AM/iHeart Radio. Mayor Terry will be talking about sustainability,diversity and inclusion in his international community also how he manages 45,000 members and supporters as Chapter Director of the Georgia Sierra Club. Listen to all podcasts and follow me on Twitter @greenguyatl

F.A.R.M.S. mission is to retain land,cultivate agriculture and educate the next generation of farmers. Esq. Jillian Hishaw is the Founder/Director of this organization that has donated more than 100,000 pounds of produce to help feed communities through churches and food pantries in 7 states. Tune in to hear how they advocate for sustainable farming to feed the world!

Executive Director Mitch Hedlund,Recycle Across America is talking about the crisis of recycling in the United States and their solution which is to use a standardize labeling system everywhere to make recycling easy for everyone,also we will have special guest world renowned environmentalist Laura Turner Seydel talk about her work with the Captain Planet Foundation and collaboration with Recycle Across America this Sunday 9-10a EST on WGST 640AM/iHeart Radio.Listen to

U.S. Composting Council Executive Director,Frank Franciosi The USCC is the only organization in the U.S. dedicated to the development,expansion and promotion of the compost industry. Join us as we discuss who are the manufacturers,suppliers,academic institutions, and engineers creating healthy soils for a sustainable society and the Compost 2018 Conference coming to Atlanta.

We begin the 2018 Talk with Green Guy Season Premiere with John R. Seydel, Director of Sustainability, City of Atlanta and Stephanie Stuckey,Chief Resilience Officer, City of Atlanta this Sunday 9-10a EST on WGST 640am/iHeart Radio. Tune in as we discuss environmental accomplishments of former Mayor Kasim Reed and talk about the future of sustainability in Atlanta under new Mayor Keisha Lance-Bottoms. Listen to podcasts @ and follow the on Twitter

Ever wonder what happens to leftover paint from businesses and residents? Global Paint for Charity collects,repackages and distributes it around the world. Founder,Rony Delgarde is in studio this Sunday,9-10a on WGST 640AM/iHeart Radio talking about how the recycle this paint,protect the environment and send hope one gallon at a time around the world.Listen to all podcasts and follow me on Twitter @greenguyatl

Water Aficionado,Steve Williams is in studio this week talking Rainwater Harvesting and all it's benefits.We will discuss how this solution can help extend our water supply and how his proposal for municipalities in the Southeast to decentralize can manage their rainwater and stormwater more efficiently by adopting his Rainwater Self Funding Utility Plan.

John Noel is a energy efficiency expert and he's running for a seat on Georgia Public Commission to help Georgians maintain affordable rates on water,telecom and energy.Tune in Sunday 9-10am EST on WGST 640AM/iHeart Radio to hear his policies and plans to bring more renewable energy to Georgia.Listen to all podcasts @greenguymedia.comand follow me on Twitter @greenguyatl